Eyelash Extension

If you’re looking for a semi-permanent solution, eyelash extensions could be the answer you’ve been looking for.
How should I prepare for my eyelash extension appointment ?

Cleanse your eyes and do not apply any eye makeup. Be prepared to lay
down for at least an hour on your back with your eyes closed. If you use
contact lenses bring the supplies to store them while we complete the
service and you can re-apply them afterwards. So feel free to bring
headphones or ear buds to listen to music of choice or have a nap.

What can I do after the appointment?

You can swim, shower and exercise as the bonding agent we use is
waterproof. However, we recommend you do not get water on the lashes for at
least 24 hours after the service. This will prolong the life of your
extensions as it allows the glue to completely dry.

How should I take care of my new eyelash extension ?

For the first 24 hours, do not get your lashes wet or go tanning. When
removing make up use an oil free remover, do not rub or pick at your
lashes when using mascara. Avoid using and eyelash curler, steam,
heat, saunas and friction.
Brush your lashes daily from top to bottom. Wash the lashes using a
cleaning brush or your fingertips with a gentle oil free cleanser. Rinse
with cool water and pat dry with a clean towel and once extensions are
dry comb with the mascara wand.

Once you’ve finally decided on your eyelash expert, it’s time to prep for your appointment. Don’t worry, there isn’t anything elaborate involved.

Multiple ultra-fine extensions, one on each natural lash, are applied with a semi-permanent glue to hold them in place for several weeks. At Allure Day Spa, eyelash extensions professionally apply by our trained technicians; using a flawless seamless technique that mimics our natural lashes adding length, shape, and fullness without the appearance of glues or strips.

Eyelash Extension are done by applying a silk or mink lash extension on top of the natural lash individually. Choose from different curls to give a bolder look or add some colored lashes or a Swarovski crystal at the tip for parties, festivals and any special event!

Eyelash extensions are a way to enhance your lashes to make them
longer and thicker. To achieve this single strands of synthetic lashes
that replicate a natural lash are individually applied to a single lash one
at a time.

What is the difference between classic, hybrid and volume lashes?

With a classic set a single lash is applied to a natural lash, volume lashes
is a process of applying multi-dimensional lashes ranging from 2D-10D
to a single lash. Hybrid is a combination of these procedures.

Will eyelash extension ruin my natural lashes or cause them to fall out?

The extensions won’t cause your natural lashes to fall out or affect
them health wise in any way. When applying lashes a stylist will only
apply the lash to an adult natural lash. The young (baby) lashes are left
so they can fully develop for the next time you get a refill. Your natural
lashes have a life cycle of growing and falling out and when a synthetic
lash is attached it will be much more noticeable.

(When eyelash extensions are removed, your own lashes may seem smaller
only because you have become accustomed to the look of the eyelash

How long do extensions last for, and when should I get

About every 2-3 weeks you need a refill to maintain the full look. If not
they can last up to 6 weeks before they naturally fall off.
(To considere a refill at least 40% of lash extensions must be

Kyla Tucci

So happy I decided to start laser hair removal here! Malahat was so sweet and made me feel comfortable despite how awkward lasering certain parts of your body may be. It’s evident that she’s experienced and knows exactly what she’s doing.
The clinic is also very clean and is taking the proper precautions which made me feel very comfortable.
I’ve only done one session so far and have already noticed a decrease in hair growth. Can’t wait for my next session!

Ashley Sarwary

So helpful and answered all my questions. Knows exactly how gentle to be. Very clean environment, spacious, and always a great vibe! Great suggestions on lashes that fit my face perfectly!

…Do not wear any eye makeup to the appointment, suggests Lavish Lashes. A good lash expert will always cleanse the eye area before applying lashes, but why add to the work? And it’s not like you will need the eye makeup after.

In addition, some lash experts suggest not curling lashes and being careful about applying any face creams close to the eye area. The oils and other ingredients in the products could negatively impact the glue of the false lashes. Happy Lashes recommends removing contacts because eyes will close for the majority of the appointment.

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