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Laser Vein Removal

Therapy Laser vein removal is surprisingly easy, fast, and effective. The laser light achieves vein removal by destroying the vein without burning the skin above.

The laser will shoot a concentrated beam of light that passes through your surface skin and is preferentially absorbed by the hemoglobin in the vein. When the light is absorbed, it is converted to heat, a process that is similar to what happens inside a car that has been sitting in the sun. As the sun shines light into the car, the light is absorbed by the seats, wheel, and dashboard. It is then converted to heat, making them hot to the touch. The same happens to the vein. As the vein is gently heated (a process that occurs in 50 milliseconds or 1/20th of a second), the walls of the vein collapse and thus blood flow is stopped. Over a period of three to four weeks, the vein is reabsorbed by the body and disappears.

The use of a laser for vein removal requires knowledge and expertise. Our staff is trained to use the best laser and the proper settings for each size vein. During your treatment, you will feel a slight tingling sensation as the laser fires. The skin above the veins will have a reddish, cat-scratch appearance. This generally disappears over the next two days. Sometimes we apply a local anesthetic cream over the proposed treatment area if you find the sensation is uncomfortable. You can expect to return immediately to your normal daily activities, although we do recommend elevation of the treated areas that day to enhance the treatment’s success.

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I would definitely give this clinic a 5 star rating. This is the second time around I’m using their treatment and couldn’t be happier. The staff here is really friendly and informative and they use state of the art technology when it comes to their equipment. Their procedure is definitely worth the money and you can notice a difference in your skin right after the first session. Highly recommended!!

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My wife had PRP treatment done for a facial and she looks great. This is the cheapest we have found for PRP and they also price match, which we haven’t been able to find elsewhere. Will be recommending this place to friends.

…Today’s new medical lasers provide an effective non-surgical treatment option for the removal of spider and small varicose veins.

There are some clinical situations where Laser Vein Therapy is More Advantageous than Sclerotherpy which include;

  • Smaller veins that a needle cannot penetrate
  • More superficial veins
  • Veins that failed sclerotherapy
  • Body areas that do not do well with Sclerotherapy
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