Enjoy the soothing experience!

Tropical Dream Foot Scrub: This tropical scented Salt Scrub is made with an intensive exfoliant, Bora Bora White Sand.  This exotic, white sand is actually composed of calcium carbonite, or coral.  It adds super scrubbing power to this recipe.  Monoi De Tahiti and Papaya Oils help to moisturize and condition dry feet, leaving your skin smooth, soft, and smelling delightful.

Ingredients of  Tropical Dream Foot Scrub 
1/ 8 cup Bora Bora White Sand
1/8 cup Sea Salt, Fine
1/2 oz Monoi De Tahiti
1/2 oz Papaya Oil
1/4 teaspoon Tahitian Gardenia Fragrance Oil
1/4 teaspoon Papaya Milk Fragrance Oil

Mix Bora Bora White Sand and Sea Salt together in a medium sized mixing bowl.  Add the Oils next, and mix well.  If necessary, gently warm the Monoi De Tahiti in a hot water bath, double boiler, or microwave.  When the other ingredients have been mixed, stir in the Fragrance Oils.

Packaging & Usage
This scrub is too intense for all-over use.  Instead, use this super powered scrub on feet and other tough body parts.  The scrub can be packaged in PET Jars to show off its lovely color, and should be used within one to two weeks of creation.